April, 2012

The notion of robots as an integral part of hospital staff may seem like something from science fiction, but new generations of high-tech robots specifically designed for the health care field are
Government agencies maintain a treasure trove of digital data, but searching through massive amounts of information to use that data takes commitment and resources.
Online shopping is becoming a global phenomenom.  A recent study conducte
Much like the laws that prohibit selling stolen cars, the major cellular carriers and the FCC have agreed to
Broadband-supported technology could help public health officials in Southern California and Mexico successfully treat patients afflicted with some of the world’s toughest cases of tuberculos
A recent story in The Atlantic titled, ‘“
Around the holidays a flurry of news stories reported surging e-reader sales. Consumers are enjoying a greater variety of devices to choose from, and more competitive prices, too.
From ancient civilizations to international art museums, many Americans would love to travel and experience some of the world’s educational wonders.  For those who may not have the time
From over 100 locations around the world, over 200 scientists and doctors collaborated and shared brain imaging data to make new discoveries about how the human brain functions.
USTelecom is among 26 industry associations that sent a letter April 17 to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., highlighting five core principles to be co