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July, 2012


Raising abundant crops has long been the focus of farmers around the world. This work is an art and a science, and now broadband-backed tools are helping produce more consistent high crop yields for America’s agriculture community.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Internet technology is spreading throughout farms nationwide.  Approximately 70 percent of farms that net a quarter of a million dollars or more per year use the Internet to conduct farm business. And more than 40 percent of smaller farms are tapping into broadband technology too.


Due to malware from international hackers, that may have infected hundreds of thousands of computers last year, some may find it impossible to connect to the Internet on Monday, July 9th.  An Associated Press report, stated that approximately 64,000 computers in the U.S., may be infected, according to the FBI. On a global scale, the report estimated that over 277,000 computers are infected with this malware .


Whether you’re heading off on vacation or simply enjoying downtime at home, summer is a time when many people ramp up their reading.  And with the advent of tablets, e-readers and e-books, broadband is fueling this healthy habit – making it easier than ever to get hooked on books.


USTelecom is eager to assist the Federal Communications Commission in developing a system that can ensure “stable and equitable universal service funding into the future,” said comments filed July 9. One initial consideration for the commission is to weigh whether it would be possible to use general revenues as a source of future contributions to the Universal Service Fund.


USTelecom and companies representing the ABC Coalition (AT&T, CenturyLink, Fairpoint, Frontier, Verizon and Windstream) jointly filed comments July 9 outlining how the Federal Communications Commission should design a cost model for determining support in Phase II of the Connect America Fund.


As the world continues to face economic challenges, positive news recently emerged for global information technology (IT) spending. According to a new Gartner report, IT spending in 2012 is on track to top $3.6 trillion. This marks a three percent increase from 2011, when spending reached $3.5 trillion.


KPN, NTT DoCoMo, Rogers, SingTel, Telefonica, Telstra and Vimpelcom have agreed to cooperate with each other to offer global machine-to-machine (M2M) service offerings. This partnership will provide multi-national customers with unique SIM cards, common web interfaces and network management through the Control Center run by Jasper Wireless.


A growing part of today's broadband-based Internet economy is the question of online advertising.  But this area is still unproven.  General Motors infamously pulled its advertising dollars from Facebook -- and yet is spending as much as $40 million annually on generating content for its automotive brands on Facebook. 


The number of Internet-connected products is soaring, with as many as one trillion connected devices predicted by 2015. This fast-emerging trend already covers a wide range of objects – and a new array of sensors is extending this idea to everything from our food supply to pills, packages and more.