August, 2012

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Over the last several years, the growth of malware has proliferated computers and networks across the globe at an alarming rate.
As many service providers transform their end office switch rooms into data centers that support cloud-based services, the cooling and power systems also need to be addressed.
Mobile payment technologies are taking off, with more widespread adoption taking root in the U.S.
Many companies are tapping into YouTube to increase brand presence and communicate key information to customers.  Now a newer trend is leveraging ‘smart videos’ to personalize cust
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Achieving higher levels of education has been directly linked to the ability of Americans to secure good jobs.  Today, the advent of Internet-driven technology is unleashing new education oppo
When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential pick, he didn’t just share the news through traditional media channels.  In addition to print and broad
Broadband is shaking up many business models, as companies try new approaches to engage Internet-connected Americans, and the newspaper industry is a prominent example.  According to
Much is at stake in how the future of broadband evolves given the dominant role it is expected to play in all aspects of American life in coming years, according to a new analysis by Richard Adler,