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December, 2012


We rate hotels, restaurants, attractions and more online. Now the District of Columbia is investing is going to analyze the online conversation about its many departments. The goal is to pull information from Twitter, Facebook and other online message boards to assess citizen sentiment – and in doing so, make D.C.'s bureaucracy better.


The United States faces a fork in the road in 2013 when it comes to broadband policy, Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai said at today’s Phoenix Center’s Annual Telecoms Symposium.

One path looks forward to an all-IP world that includes vital consumer protections, Pai said. The other path looks back to the regulations of the telephone monopoly era and will not encourage investment in the nation’s broadband infrastructure, Pai added.


Broadband is helping to revolutionize American health care, supporting efforts that control costs, reduce errors and better coordinate care. A key component of the health IT evolution is electronic prescriptions, which are growing dramatically and may soon rival the traditional prescription pad. 


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made a timely decision to deploy a special task force to study the vast changes that have occurred across communications industries, reshaping competition and creating a vast array of new choices for consumers and businesses. This task force will make recommendations on how best to cope with the broad-ranging changes in technology.


Today's consumers are beginning to expect -- and demand -- integrated connectivity everywhere – including cars.  Manufacturers are hearing this call and responding with innovative infotainment, security, smartphone connectivity and more. So what does that mean for American automobiles?


Digital textbooks are becoming more popular due to their convenience and the potential for more interactive, engaging features.  As this market emerges, companies are integrating new capabilities into e-textbooks to help teachers guide their students’ growth and performance.


A coalition of public and private sector stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem released a study detailing how industry can work together to better detect, prevent and recover from the threat of botnets and cybercrime. The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) published a set of recommendations to help curb the damages from botnets.


On Thursday, Dec 13, I attended the quarterly meeting of the North American Numbering Council (NANC) at the FCC. The meeting included industry announcements and an update on the FCC's focus on the IP Transition.  Based on these reports, the Industry Numbering Committee and the Future of Numbering working group have taken on the tasks of solving various issues surrounding the planning, administration, allocation and use of numbering resources during the IP transition.


Say you need a holiday gift for that testy teenager or finicky friend or even just some new ideas. You’re in luck! Today, plenty of Internet-backed resources are available to help consumers find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists. Here are a handful of useful guides from apps and websites to social media:


Today we’re asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to review its approach adopted in the 1980s for how it regulates the “phone companies” that provided traditional voice calling services. Back then there was only one local phone company and you really actually dialed a call. People thought long distance calls were special, and were careful to make them only at certain times when rates were lower.