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Campaigns Can Agree: "There's an App for That"


When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential pick, he didn’t just share the news through traditional media channels.  In addition to print and broadcast news, a custom-designed app called “Mitt’s VP” announced Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate.

The 2008 presidential election pioneered the use of social media for campaigns, and for this campaign, sophisticated apps are all the rage in both political camps.  In fact, Politico reports that apps for both Presidential contenders are among the most downloaded.  Romney’s VP app hit 54 in popularity, while President Obama’s app ranked 21.

Other apps are also aiding the political organization of the Democratic ticket.  “Obama for America” functions as a political organizing tool – providing campaign news, opportunities to engage in local campaign events, and a “get out the vote” feature round.  For those planning on attending the Democratic National Convention, a recently released app will help attendees stay abreast of the proceedings and connect them with a vast array of convention materials.

On the other side of the political spectrum, the "With Mitt” app invites users to customize personal photos that feature captions that show their support for Mitt Romney, which can then be easily uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

If you feel like toying with your own customized election forecast -- of course, there’s an app for that.  The “You Decide 2012 Map” created by Fox News allows users to tap on states to identify them as “Democrat,” “Republican,” “Leaning,” or “Toss Up” to predict election results. 

No matter which candidate you are supporting, in today’s digital democracy there will be plenty of Internet-enabled tools to keep you informed and engaged in campaign developments.

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