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With Copper Rules, Keep Broadband Goals in Mind


Requiring companies to bear the cost of maintaining copper networks after fiber is deployed would undermine the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband goals, USTelecom said in comments filed with the commission today. The comments responded to an inquiry initiated by the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) industry, which wants the FCC to refresh the record and take expedited action to update copper retirement rules.

The CLEC request “appears to urge” the commission to adopt new rules requiring nearly all copper network plant to be left in place indefinitely, even after carriers upgrade to fiber and no longer would use the copper for their own customers, USTelecom said in its comments. The FCC should reject this request because it undermines long-standing commission policy favoring the deployment of robust, facilities-based broadband service to all Americans and of encouraging investment in fiber and other next-generation broadband networks.  

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