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Financial Fitness, The Broadband Way


In the face of a challenging economy, many Americans are working to improve their personal spending habits. A recent Wall Street Journal article provides several examples of broadband tools that can help -- and notes these websites and apps are more needed than ever, with today's retirees carrying almost double the mortgage debt they did in 1989.  

Need help tracking your expenditures? and enable users to import bank, credit card, and loan information securely to a personal account.  Then they can set budgets, monitor spending, receive alerts on when to pay bills, and consider suggestions on streamlining debt or saving for retirement.  For a fee, will also provide a personalized financial plan, and offers “boot camps” to help consumers learn more about financial topics.

Those who need specific strategies on the most efficient way to pay off debt can find advice at The site provides debt reduction tips and serves as a debt calculator – providing a timeline of when you can expect to eliminate personal debt. offers a similar debt payment strategy service, and also recommends ways to cut debt over the long-term.

There are even sites that entice users with rewards for good financial habits. awards credits that can be used to earn prizes, and users earn badges that make them eligible to win small cash rewards.

Tightening tyour financial belt can be challenging, but broadband-enabled financial tools are helping consumers achieve a more balanced financial life.

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