Health & the Mobile Internet


Today, broadband is unleashing unprecedented access to health information and opportunities.  And, as evidenced by a recent Pew study, mobile Internet is playing a pivotal role on this front.  Here are a few report highlights showcasing how Americans are tapping into Internet-driven health information:

Information Seekers. 52% of smartphone owners today use their mobile devices to seek health information. Overall, one in three cell phone owners use their device to find health information – nearly double the number who did so two years ago. 

Alerts and Updates.  Text messaging may be mainstream, with 80% of cell phone owners saying they send and receive texts. However, this high rate doesn’t extend to health-related texts, as only 9% receive alerts and updates.

Health Apps. When it comes to health apps, including exercise, diet, weight, and other monitoring apps, 19% of smartphone owners say they have at least one health app on their phones.


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