Physicians Catch the Fever for Apps & iPads


Whether talking about digital patient records or improving quality care, broadband-backed technology is revolutionizing medicine. According to a recent New York Times story, doctors are increasingly embracing iPads and apps that help inform clinical analysis and decision-making. Here are a few highlights:

MedCalc—This app helps physicians process complicated medical formulas, such as the appropriate concentration and volume of saline to administer to a patient – which, as the New York Times notes, if administered improperly could have dangerous or even fatal implications.

Epocrates—The top-rated mobile drug reference tool for U.S. physicians, this app enables doctors to access drug dosages and interactions.

QX Calculate—Physicians use this tool for everything from developing “risk profiles” for patients to converting recent research publications into practical knowledge.

Evernote—Designed to help organize and keep track of notes and observations, some clinicians now use Evernote to efficiently access information from their computers, phones and other mobile devices.

These digital tools are helping physicians become more efficient and effective practitioners – a winning proposition for patients everywhere.



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