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Report Sheds Light on Internet-Only TV Households


While the vast majority of Americans still watch traditional TV, a recent Nielsen cross-platform report shows a growing number of video enthusiasts are tuning out. Here are two findings from the study that showcase this trend, and highlight how we’re engaging in multi-channel viewing:

“Zero TV” Households. According to Nielsen, 5% of Americans rely on Internet-backed devices and services to get the information and programming they need. These “Zero-TV” households increased to 5 million in 2013, jumping from just 2 million in 2007. And while these households may not be watching traditional television, 75% of these homes own at least one TV – using it to watch DVDs, play games or go online.

Screen Engagement. The average American spends 41 hours per week of multi-screen viewing, with the vast majority (34 hours) spent watching TV and three hours spent tuning into time-shifted content.

For more of Nielsen’s findings, click here

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