Study Highlights Children’s Online Safety


From online education to social networking, the Internet has much to offer American youth – but parental engagement remains essential to ensuring a safe online experience. 

A recent Pew study highlights parental concerns about what their kids are doing online, and shows what steps parents are taking to safeguard their children.  Here are a few highlights:

Stranger Danger. 72% of parents express concern regarding the potential for their children to interact online with people they do not know.

Reputation Management. 69% of parents are concerned about how their children’s online presence may impact potential academic or employment opportunities – and in general how teens manage their reputations online.

Raising Awareness.  59% of parents of teens who use social networking sites have raised specific concerns regarding a post or their profiles. 42% of parents have searched for their children’s names to see what information is publicly available.

Privacy Settings and Parental Controls. 50% of parents of online teens use parental controls to block, filter and monitor their children’s online activities. 39% of parents have helped their children establish privacy settings on their social networking accounts.

Review the Pew study here.


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