Top Twitter Trends of 2012


Whether you’re one of the 140 million active Twitter users or have never sent a tweet, micro-blogging has become a part of today's real-time communication.  The site also provides a look at the key events and people who capture our attention. So what were the trends that marked the Twitterverse in 2012? 

According to Twitter’s report, this year’s U.S. Presidential election was a dominant topic of conversation. Mitt Romney’s infamous Big Bird remark unleashed a flurry of 130,000 tweets per minute. Election Day racked up 31 million tweets, reaching a spike of 327,000 tweets per minute as results emerged. And President Obama’s tweet “Four more years,” which preceded his official victory speech, was retweeted more than 800,000 times. This was the most viral tweet of the year, even surpassing Justin Bieber’s Twitter message mourning the death of a young fan.

The Summer Olympics also went for gold on Twitter, generating 150 million Tweets. The closing ceremony of the London Olympics reached a fever pitch of 116,000 tweets per minute. Other hot topics, not surprisingly, reflect the year's top news stories, such as Hurricane Sandy, sporting events ranging from the Super Bowl to Euro 2012 and the UEFA Champions League, cultural events such as the MTV Video Music Awards, and the death of Whitney Houston.

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