USTelecom Vidcast: Delivering Broadband’s Future


From employment to health care to education and entertainment, broadband is an essential modern infrastructure unleashing countless benefits for all Americans. USTelecom’s latest vidcast reviews many of the benefits of broadband and our connected future:
Internet Adoption and Investment. Today, 95% of Americans have access to high-speed Internet, and 200 million Americans are getting online. A key to this modern success story is the massive, ongoing investment of broadband providers – which totaled $66 billion last year alone.

Aiding Employment. The high-speed Internet is both a driver of jobs and a resource for employment opportunities. The ICT industries support 11 million U.S. jobs – positions that are higher paying than the national average. Americans are also using the Internet to search for jobs, and a recent report shows that online job boards and networking sites help reduce the length of unemployment by 25%.

Modernizing Health Care. Broadband is also providing unprecedented access to enhanced health care options. Thanks to the Internet, patients in remote locations can connect with far-away specialists. Health IT, which is increasing in deployment nationwide, is proving to save millions of dollars. And studies show telemedicine decreases the length of hospital stays and keeps doctors abreast of the latest data on their patients.

To learn more, click on the video.

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