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Anne Veigle


Federal regulators should think carefully about attacking zero-rating plans, USTelecom President Walter McCormick said on C-SPAN’s Communicators program.


Competitive business broadband facilities have emerged just as Congress envisioned in the Telecommunications Act of 1996,


The Federal Communications Commission wants to get broadband deployed in extremely rural areas but not pay for it,


Next year look for new advances in the technology sector, fueled by the continued growth in broadband provider bandwidth.


Unless you’re a business owner, or are involved in purchasing IT services for your company or a large institution, you may not be familiar with the data services purchased by the majority of


Discounts are a bread-and-butter strategy for attracting and retaining business - whether it’s consumer loyalty reward programs or volume discounts for terms of service.


Just as digital TV opened up an unprecedented level of quality and options for video consumers, modern networks and services are creating new opportunities for delivery of voice, video and other co


The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reclassification of broadband Internet access service is unlawful, USTelecom said in its reply brief in the case challenging


Cleveland, Ohio — The telecom industry has a long, proud history of serving Americans for the past 100 years, USTelecom President Walter McCormick said in a keynote speech at a meeting of the


USTelecom and other entities urged the U.S.