Anne Veigle

USTelecom Vice President Kevin Rupy provided an update on the latest technologies consumers can use
It is time to move the communications industry away from the patchwork quilt of regulations that depends “more on a company’s lineage than on today’s marketplace realities,”
Government and industry officials are deriving a good amount of value from the National Cybersecurity Framework in the three months since its release, panelists said at a USTelecom National Cyberse
Regulating broadband Internet access as a Title II common carrier service could threaten the continued expansion of broadband investment and improvement of service, USTelecom said in a letter sent
The 1996 Telecommunications Act created a unique regulatory framework for local phone companies, one that has remained largely intact despite investments and innovation in new technologies and serv
Nearly three-fourths of applicants expressing interest in participating in an experimental rural broadband program at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sought more money than was availabl
From connecting with loved ones to performing jobs and accessing information, the Internet has tangible benefits for seniors just as it does for younger generations of Americans.
Schools and libraries that lack access to high-speed broadband deployment should be identified, USTelecom said in
The Federal Communications Commission should institute an annual cap of $2 on local rate floor increases as it proceeds with plans to phase-in changes to the local rate floor benchmark, USTelecom a
Greater competition in the video marketplace has increased broadcasters’ ability to abuse their bargaining power, USTelecom said in comments provided yesterday to the Senate Commerce Committe