Karn Dhingra

A key architect of the 1996 Telecommunications Act said a move by leaders of the House Energy & Commerce Committee to update the 18-year-old piece of legislation could set the stage for greater
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a critical argument between broadcasters and Internet start-up Aereo that could have repercussions on retransmission consent and cloud computing.
A bipartisan letter from 26 senators commending the FCC for temporarily suspending the Quantile Regression Analysis (QRA) portion of the 2011 Universal Service Reform Order was delivered to newly s
USTelecom is among a diverse group of tech companies calling on Congress to address patent reform.
The current regulatory environment that forces telco companies to build and maintain copper-based legacy telephone networks is taking away capital that could be used to invest in the nation’s
There is no technological “silver bullet”  to address the scourge of fraudulent  robocalls that prey on unsuspecting consumers, USTelecom Senior Director of  Law and Poli
Eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the Lifeline program should be the focus of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USTelecom said in recent comments in response to a TracFone petition u
Incentives to encourage Internet industry stakeholders to participate in a voluntary cybersecurity framework agreement being developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National
Some critics of the current state of broadband in the United States complain the country is a global laggard when it comes to speeds, price and accessibility when compared to
Obsolete policies and regulations are hindering investment in the nation’s broadband networks Robert Litan and Hal Singer said at presentation for their new book,