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Several recent reports forecast the substantial growth of the Internet-connected car market, highlighting the benefits of these in-vehicle technologies while also flagging potential security concer
This February, American Heart Month and related CDC’s efforts are helping to raise awareness about cardiovascular health.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming business results across many industries, yielding measurable opportunities and greater connectivity according to a recent
An upcoming vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will determine whether Internet service providers will be reclassified as Title II common carriers to implement Chairman Tom Wheeler&
As USTelecom has previously discussed, the technology sector is driving investment and growth, and yielding
Across the Internet ecosystem, broadband providers and tech innovators are forging partnerships and launching Internet of Things (IoT) applications — all the while working to ensure security.
This week, Twitter released its bi-annual transparency report, which details information requests worldwide as socia
When winter weather strikes, technological tools — from apps and GPS to crowdsourcing and other Internet-driven devices — are helping communities track and react to natural events.
In today’s increasingly connected online world where apps, wearable devices, social media and other interactive forums are closely integrated into people’s daily lives, a new movement i
In 2014, more than one-half of organizations reported employees have access to flexible work arrangements including teleworking, according to a Society for Human Resource Management