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Americans are increasingly tethered to technology.
Tariffs and taxes on information technologies have a chilling effect on adoption and economic growth according to findings included in a
The nation’s broadband universe continues to expand and yield greater innovation as consumers increasingly take advantage of the benefits and hyper-connectivity offered through the Internet o
As Ebola cases in Africa rise and the U.S. mounts its response, technology holds great promise to track, prevent and manage this deadly virus as well as other pandemics.
As an increasing number of companies compete to capture a piece of the mobile payment marketplace, American consumers are expected to embrace "proximity payment" technology in growing num
Digital engagement is playing an increasingly important role in reaching voters and driving campaign victories as evidenced in recent U.S. presidential and midterm elections.
Rising numbers of consumers — 72 percent — are utilizing search engines to seek health information according to a recent
As USTelecom discussed in a recent blog post, the nation’s broadband providers are investing substantiall
Telemedicine holds considerable potential for reducing health care costs, enhancing patient care and rendering earlier diagnoses.
While industry experts frequently forecast the future of technology, consumers are less often given the opportunity to