Walter McCormick

President Obama has appropriately focused on the importance of investment in infrastructure to stimulate the economy, create jobs and lead to improved American competitiveness.
It was a century ago this month that the “old” AT&T avoided a threatened government take-over of its voice network by entering into an agreement known as the Kingsbury Commitment.&n
In February 2012, USTelecom filed a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to eliminate 17 categories of antiquated rules and reporting requirements that are no longer relevant to to
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s initiative to accelerate broadband investment in rural parts of the nation received a big boost from Sen.
Today we’re asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to review its approach adopted in the 1980s for how it regulates the “phone companies” that provided traditional voi
The Federal Communications Commission has made a timely decision to depl
As the Federal Communications Commission approaches final action on an order to reform universal service and intercarrier compensation, the challenge for the agency is to keep focused on achieving its priority objective of accelerating broadband deployment to unserved Americans despite the political pressures being applied by interests that are trying to use this proceeding to advance objectives that are irrelevant to speeding investment in 21st Century information infrastructure.
We in the tech world like to bring demonstrations to Washington to talk about all the potential of broadband in our lives—from health care to small business to reducing our carbon footprint to keeping