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The broadband market in the U.S.
In today's growing digital environment, one of the keys to building a successful workforce depends upon the ability to adapt and utilize technology.
Contrary to those who claim that the U.S.
USTelecom President and CEO Walter McCormick offers a current overview of the state of broadband and what’s needed to continue to modernize and maximize our nation’s connectivity. 
Regulating broadband Internet access as a Title II common carrier service could threaten the continued expansion of broadband investment and improvement of service, USTelecom said in a letter sent
USTelecom was one of 28 signatories on a letter sent May 13 asking the Federal Com
It was a century ago this month that the “old” AT&T avoided a threatened government take-over of its voice network by entering into an agreement known as the Kingsbury Commitment.&n
Marvin Ammori prophesies the “End of the Internet as We Know It” when a court in Wa
A bipartisan letter from 26 senators commending the FCC for temporarily suspending the Quantile Regression Analysis (QRA) portion of the 2011 Universal Service Reform Order was delivered to newly s