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It was a century ago this month that the “old” AT&T avoided a threatened government take-over of its voice network by entering into an agreement known as the Kingsbury Commitment.&n
Marvin Ammori prophesies the “End of the Internet as We Know It” when a court in Wa
A bipartisan letter from 26 senators commending the FCC for temporarily suspending the Quantile Regression Analysis (QRA) portion of the 2011 Universal Service Reform Order was delivered to newly s
A New America Foundation study of global broadband pricing attempts to make
The current regulatory environment that forces telco companies to build and maintain copper-based legacy telephone networks is taking away capital that could be used to invest in the nation’s
Using Connect America Fund to Serve 600,000 New Households
USTelecom filed comments supporting Verizon’s request for “Section 214(a) authority&
By Public Notice, the Wireline Competition Bureau has requested comment on a report prepared by Bureau staff regarding potential data and methods to be used in represcribing the authorized intersta
I am Jeff Gardner, President and CEO of Windstream, a FORTUNE 500 telecom provider with an innovative hybrid business model.
Speculation about the “extinction” of wireline companies is exaggerated, USTelecom Chairman of the Board Jeff Gardner told a