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broadband service providers


Background: Today, USTelecom and other entities jointly submitted arguments to the U.S.


The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to impose public utility regulation on broadband Internet access service violates decades of long-standing law and regulatory policy, ac


The Federal Communications Commission significantly underestimated the time it will take broadband service providers to comply with new data collections related to service performance, according to


President Obama has announced a new U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) initiative that will expand high speed broadband to more families across the country.


The broadband industry faces a future of increased costs, business restrictions, and open-ended regulatory uncertainty that is likely to significantly reduce investment over the long term, accordin


The Federal Communications Commission’s move to classify broadband Internet as a public utility has triggered numerous legal challenges.


Over the past several years, Internet and computer technology have evolved at a rapid rate as evidenced by the proliferation of devices and technological applications.


USTelecom is the nation’s oldest and largest association for providers of wired communications, and the overwhelming majority of its members offer broadband in rural and urban areas across th


Today, more than one billion connected devices and machines populate homes and businesses and help support economy-fueling industries.