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broadband service providers


Over the past several years, Internet and computer technology have evolved at a rapid rate as evidenced by the proliferation of devices and technological applications.


USTelecom is the nation’s oldest and largest association for providers of wired communications, and the overwhelming majority of its members offer broadband in rural and urban areas across th


Today, more than one billion connected devices and machines populate homes and businesses and help support economy-fueling industries.


The FCC’s reclassification of broadband Internet access as a Title II common carriage service is a seismic departure from the status quo that has prevailed for more than two decades.


Gigabit services are expanding throughout the United States, according to Akamai’s 2014 fourth quarter State of the Internet


Technology is unleashing new potential to pioneer innovations that not only add value to consumers' lives, but also help solve complex problems around the globe.


There are significant legal risks associated with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) open Internet rule and a “strong likelihood” courts will find the commission exceed


New data shows telecom and cable companies are gaining an increasing share of the home security market.


This case concerns the attempt, by a sharply divided FCC, to assert unprecedented regulatory power over the Internet.