IP transition

Technology is transforming traditional business models and bringing unprecedented innovation to digital consumers.
An overwhelming majority of consumers across the United States are dropping traditional landline phone service, according to updated USTelecom analyses of
USTelecom analysis of state-by-state data show competition for voice service remains substantial and growing across all of the states.
An updated USTelecom analysis of residential voice competition data reaffirms
USTelecom recommended the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deny Neustar’s petitions for another opportunity to bid to retain the Local Number Portability Administration (LNPA) contract
The United States Telecom Association (USTelecom) is pleased to submit its comments in response to the Commission’s Public Notice requesting comments on two Petitions for Declaratory Ruling f
A new USTelecom analysis of the latest annual Internet Protocol (IP) traffic data from Cisco shows that U.S.
A significant shift in consumer choice and market preferences is creating new challenges for 21st century regulators according to a study recently released by the
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to promptly move forward to finalize universal service high-cost mechanisms for both price cap and rate-of-return carriers,