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public safety


Today, more than one billion connected devices and machines populate homes and businesses and help support economy-fueling industries.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming business results across many industries, yielding measurable opportunities and greater connectivity according to a recent


Social media is no longer just a way for friends and family to stay connected.


The advent of apps, GPS and so many useful Internet-based technologies today help guide and provide information across many facets of Americans’ daily lives.


Since before the Civil War, America’s railroads have served a critical transportation need, proving to be one of the most important developments of the Industrial Revolution.


While many Americans have access to landline and wireless phones, a small but significant number of consumers cannot afford even basic telephone service.


A significant shift in consumer choice and market preferences is creating new challenges for 21st century regulators according to a study recently released by the Internet Innovation Alliance.


Beginning mid-2015, certain 911 service providers — generally the wireline phone companies that route both wireline and wireless calls to 911 call centers — must start certifying whethe


In testimony last week during a Senate he