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The prospect of new regulation on broadband Internet service providers is raising concern among groups representing low-income communities who are worried about cost increases and postponed investm
Consumers will see higher costs on their phone bills if the Federal Communications Commission moves forward with a plan to regulate broadband Internet access under Title II of the Communications Ac
An overwhelming majority of consumers across the United States are dropping traditional landline phone service, according to updated USTelecom analyses of
USTelecom analysis of state-by-state data show competition for voice service remains substantial and growing across all of the states.
An updated USTelecom analysis of residential voice competition data reaffirms
A new economic model examining the impact of shifting to Title II regulation finds that Internet service providers are likely to invest “signi
Background:  Today, President Obama, while recognizing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency, said he believes the commission should govern the Inte
Background: Today, the Federal Communications Commission released for public comment USTelecom’s petition seeking forbearance from archaic regulations that act as barriers to competition
The investment community is carefully watching the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as it nears a decision on net neutrality rules, according to Anna-Maria Kovacs, visiting scholar with the
USTelecom petitions the Federal Communications Commission for forbearance from various outdated regulatory requirements applicable to incumbent local exchange carriers (“ILECs”), which