regulatory reform

The notion that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to “shoehorn the Internet into Title II seems to us the really notable aspect of this order,“ said USTelecom’s Se
The Policy Statement adopts a new treble damages formula for calculating forfeitures for telecommunications service providers’ failure: (1) to timely pay their assessments for the fe
CTIA – The Wireless Association®, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, United States Telecom Association, and COMPTEL (collectively, the “Associations”) hereby
USTelecom outlined a series of steps the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could take to remove barriers to investment and facilitate broadband deployment, in a filing responding to an FCC in
In announcing the move to utility-style regulation for broadband providers, Federal Communication
An upcoming vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will determine whether Internet service providers will be reclassified as Title II common carriers to implement Chairman Tom Wheeler&
Background: Today, Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act.
Robocalls are annoying and becoming more difficult to control as technologies become increasingly sophisticated.
USTelecom and NTCA outlined in a white paper a variety of legal arguments and case law explaining why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not have the authority to preempt a state&rsqu
USTelecom urges Congress to adopt a pro-consumer framework in drafting video reform legislation as part of the #CommActUpdate.