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regulatory reform


The Federal Communications Commission significantly underestimated the time it will take broadband service providers to comply with new data collections related to service performance, according to


The broadband industry faces a future of increased costs, business restrictions, and open-ended regulatory uncertainty that is likely to significantly reduce investment over the long term, accordin


The Federal Communications Commission’s move to classify broadband Internet as a public utility has triggered numerous legal challenges.


New data from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast and Methodology 2014-2019


The FCC’s reclassification of broadband Internet access as a Title II common carriage service is a seismic departure from the status quo that has prevailed for more than two decades.


There are significant legal risks associated with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) open Internet rule and a “strong likelihood” courts will find the commission exceed


The impressive evolution and adoption of the Internet in the U.S. — from networks and devices to applications and content — occurred in a light-touch regulatory environment.


Bright-Line Rules Not Part of Request



ETNO, the association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, and USTelecom, America’s leading trade association representing telecom service providers and suppliers, today cal


USTelecom President Walter McCormick urged Congress to pass legislation that would give the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clear authority to adopt and enforce open Internet rules.