USTelecom comments

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to promptly move forward to finalize universal service high-cost mechanisms for both price cap and rate-of-return carriers,
Pursuant to the Wireline Competition Bureau’s Public Notices, USTelecom respectfully submits these comments in support of the Petitions for Limited and Expedited Waiver (Petitions) filed Marc
USTelecom respectfully submits these reply comments in the above-captioned matter.
USTelecom submits these comments in response to the Commission’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) proposing new rules to ensure an open Internet and the Wireline Competition
USTelecom respectfully submits its opposition to the Application for Review submitted by the American Cable Association (“ACA”) of the Wireline Competition Bureau’s (“Bureau
USTelecom hereby responds to the Wireline Competition Bureau’s June 6, 2014, Public Notice seeking comment on the request by Cablevision Systems Corporation (“Cablevision”) for re
USTelecom reviewed a random sample of 690 of the more than 1000 expressions of interest filed for the Rural Broadband Experiments.
USTelecom outlined its views on updating the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) in comments provided March 19, 2014 to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportat