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WASHINGTON, DC – USTelecom announced today that Diane Griffin Holland, a former deputy associate general counsel with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has joined the association&r
Revisiting the Cybersecurity Framework – Progress, Challenges & Next Steps USTelecom Executive Conference Center
USTelecom recently convened a panel of industry, legal and think tank experts to discuss approaches to the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed rules for governing broadband Internet
On any given day, Akamai's globally distributed Intelligent Platform handles over 2 trillion Internet interactions.
Multi-dwelling units (MDUs) like apartment buildings, condos etc., present a special set of challenges for service providers when deploying fiber-to-the premise (FTTP).
Government and industry officials are deriving a good amount of value from the National Cybersecurity Framework in the three months since its release, panelists said at a USTelecom National Cyberse
IPv4 Is Finally Running Out. Now What?
Moving Forward with the Cybersecurity Framework Recorded on May 16, 2014 Follow the conversation on Twitter: #USTcyber
Yesterday’s Framework, Tomorrow’s Service Held May 9, 2014
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