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USTelecom Policy Briefings: The Cybersecurity Executive Order

Implementing the Cybersecurity Executive Order:
A Communications Industry Perspective

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The recently issued Cybersecurity Executive Order, Presidential Directive and National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) pending Cyber Framework are raising many questions concerning what the orders mean for federal agencies and the private sector. Since the Executive Order cannot create new authorities, there are practical questions as to how the current public-private partnership may change, and how certain agencies and the private sector will work together. The Executive Order establishes a broad set of timelines for specific activities across multiple agencies, and there are questions as to what can practically be accomplished within the set timeframes. Several key agencies have begun implementation efforts, and industry and government need to understand what must be done to meet those timelines.

USTelecom brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss the highlights of the order, timeline for compliance and scope and parameters of the evolving public-private partnership model that is emerging to work on these issues. The panelists will address potential overlapping requirements, and outline how industry is working together on the initiatives.

The communications sector is able to draw upon decades of experience and expertise in safeguarding customers from attacks on networks as it participates in these vital governmental initiatives.

Keynote Speaker
Ari Schwartz, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Commerce

Chris Boyer, Assistant Vice-President, AT&T
Kathryn Condello, Director, CenturyLink
Kate Dean, Executive Director, United States Internet Service Provider Association
Tim Molino, Director, Government Relations, BSA

Robert Mayer, Vice President, Industry and State Affairs, USTelecom