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Internet 3.0

Join Juniper Networks and USTelecom for an informative webinar on how network providers can leverage their customer experience toward capitalizing on the mobile and OTT momentum. There is no fee to participate in the webinar.

The emergence of anytime, anywhere applications opens new opportunities for wireline operators. Although often not discussed when talking about emerging trends, wired access networks still generate the bulk of the Internet revenue. While users want their content “on the go,” they understand that the highest quality experience is via the wired broadband network. Home video equipment provides better picture quality than portable cameras, a large-screen television doesn’t fit in your pocket, and significant amounts of user-generated content remain on home-based servers.

This free webinar explains how to capitalize on the mobile and OTT momentum by leveraging the customer experience. By focusing on emerging cloud-based applications that redefine how we work and play, network service providers can drive service innovation and profits. Wired operators are in a tremendous position to capitalize on the mobile & OTT shift.

Marc Bernstein, Juniper Networks

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