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LTE Essentials

This free webinar provides a valuable overview of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, services, opportunities, and issues.

LTE is the most significant innovation in mobile communications since the beginning of cellular systems. It will drastically alter mobile communications and make Internet access available wirelessly to millions of people that previously had no broadband. Near term improvements in LTE will increase capacity and speed even more than the current version.

  • Learn how LTE differs from earlier generations of mobile services and how these differences make LTE a powerful means of improving capacity on mobile networks.
  • Gain insight into cell sites, backhaul, and core networks in LTE mobile networks and how they differ from older technologies.
  • Understand challenges that carriers face in upgrading and supporting these networks.

The webinar is presented by bestselling author Annabel Z. Dodd.  Her "The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, Fifth Edition,” published in July 2012 by Prentice Hall, is the world’s leading non-technical guide to the industry.  Dodd is on the faculty of Northeastern University where she teaches courses on mobile services and data networking.

Annabel Z. Dodd, author of "The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, Fifth Edition”
 Annabel Dodd

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