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USTelecom Website Subject of Denial-of-Service Attack


Contact: Anne Veigle
Work: 202.326.7344

Background: “Anonymous,” a group of self-proclaimed “hacktivists,” has claimed credit for a denial-of-service attack this morning on the USTelecom website in retaliation for the association’s support for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011.  This bipartisan legislation, introduced by Reps. Mike Rogers (R-MI) and C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger (D-MD), would allow industry and government to share information about malware, viruses, denial-of-service and cyber-attacks that could cause serious harm to the Internet and to Internet users.

The following statement is from USTelecom President & CEO Walter B. McCormick Jr.:

“As an industry in the business of facilitating communications, we respect the right of those calling themselves ‘Anonymous’ to express their views and engage in lawful political advocacy. But by launching a cyber attack in an effort to coerce, intimidate and stifle speech, members of Anonymous are acting contrary to the very freedoms and Internet norms that they espouse. Ironically, by their actions Anonymous hacktivists underscore the importance of speedy action on the bipartisan Rogers-Ruppersberger legislation to ensure that the Internet remains an open and safe forum for all.” 

About USTelecom

The United States Telecom Association, USTelecom, is the premier broadband trade association representing service providers and suppliers for the telecom industry. USTelecom represents companies offering a wide range of advanced telecommunications services including voice, video and data over local exchange, long distance, wireless, Internet and cable platforms.