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March, 2017


As Congress begins discussing the possibility of making improvements to the nation’s infrastructure, there is growing support to include broadband as a core part of new funding and incentive programs. In a joint op-ed published in The Hill, USTelecom and NTCA – the Rural Broadband Association propose a simple roadmap to get more broadband in rural areas:


Americans have always enjoyed an open internet — long before regulators decided they had to "save the internet" by turning it into a utility, USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter wrote in an op-ed for Axios. Spalter said the open internet policy debate is “not about whether we safeguard an open internet. It's about how we go about doing so.”


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, founder and chairman of e-commerce startup Joyus, has the toughest job in Silicon Valley. It isn’t her day job of marketing fashion, beauty and lifestyle products in a crowded online retail marketplace. Her real challenge is a campaign to convince the predominantly male leadership at tech startups and companies that there is a deep and accessible pool of female executive talent ready and able to fill half of the seats on their board of directors.


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) from hackers and cyber crooks needs to be a top concern for manufacturers, consumers and broadband network providers.


More than half of all Americans express concern about the security of their data, but too many use the internet equivalent of putting the front door key under the welcome mat when protecting their digital assets.






In an op-ed published recently in Axios, USTelecom President Jonathan Spalter focused on how consumers’ privacy will not be affected by the recent congressional decision to block the FCC’s implementation of new online privacy rules which were rushed through during the final days of former chairman Tom Wheeler's tenure.