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June, 2017


As customers turn to smartphones to replace landline service, broadband service providers are seeing a demand for larger data packages that can provide enough connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and streaming video. Fixed networks are the backbone to all internet-supported devices, but old copper wire networks now connect less than 20 percent of households, according to one study.


This year marks an important milestone in USTelecom history as we note the 120th anniversary of the association’s founding by a group of entrepreneurs who connected Americans across the country using little but thin wires. Our association has continued to evolve with changing times, convening telecom companies of all sizes and distinguishing itself as a recognized leader in policy discussions which could fundamentally alter the evolving telecommunications sector.


Recently, more than 100 representatives of Alaskan telecom providers met at Harrigan Centennial Hall of Sitka, Alaska, population 9,061. This brand new conference center on the banks of Crescent Harbor is both the center for town activities as well as the departure for cruise ship passengers. 


A new report from Cisco projects that global and U.S. Internet Protocol (IP) traffic will grow at double-digit rates over the next five years. Global traffic will nearly triple while U.S. traffic will grow two-and-a-half times, according to Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index (VNI).


American consumers are now using their home broadband connection for more than just browsing the internet, e-commerce and social networking. More than 70 percent of all fixed-access broadband usage during peak evening hours is credited to streaming audio and video, according to Sandvine’s 2016 Global Internet Phenomena Report.


USTelecom recently filed comments in a Federal Communications Commission proceeding focused on how to accelerate the deployment of wireline broadband infrastructure by removing barriers to investment. Overall, USTelecom supports many of the FCC’s tentative conclusions in the proposed rulemaking and believes it should move quickly to update its rules to reflect today’s competitive environment.

Reforming Pole Attachment Rules


USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter was a featured speaker at a recent event in Washington, “The Cost of the Online World: Does Free Really Mean Free” which focused on what “free” actually means on the internet and how the current system of ad-supported businesses offering free services raise privacy and other concerns for consumers.


Mobile broadband subscriptions continue to mushroom thanks to robust broadband networks. Check out these stats:


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s ViaSat – the newest provider offering broadband connectivity. The company has been building broadband-providing satellites since 2016, and successfully launched its ViaSat-2 satellite into orbit last week.


You’ve certainly heard of the bike share programs that are taking urban centers by storm – improving commutes, reducing emissions, and increasing user flexibility. And now riders have another option - the first cloud-connected electric motorbike now exists. This electric bicycle runs like a motorcycle, but has been smartphone integrated. Known as the “M1” and created by Monday Motorbikes, this smart bike is able to go as far as 50 miles without using the pedals or any fuel.