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October, 2018


Jon Stouffer and Savannah Stouffer of GTC Broadband 

GTC Broadband President Jon Stouffer and Marketing Manager Savannah Stouffer discuss their company’s century-long service to their communities and conversion to fiber-to-the-home in both exchanges. 


Mother Nature is testing U.S. communications infrastructure in 2018 as Category 4 Hurricane Michael tore into the Gulf Coast this week, bringing winds up to 155 mph. As can be expected, the epic storm has strained communications networks and caused intermittent service outages.

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Broadband investment rebounded in 2017, as a series of positive consumer and innovation policies and a pro-growth regulatory approach helped reverse the industry’s previous spending pullback, according to new research released today by USTelecom. 


Our nation’s digital economy is the envy of the world, primarily because broadband internet service providers (ISPs) have invested more than $1.6 trillion to deploy fast, high-capacity networks that consumers and businesses alike demand.


With election day right around the corner, voters will soon be heading to the polls to select the candidates who best represent the issues they care about. Thanks to broadband connectivity, voters can make informed decisions armed with the knowledge gained by a swipe of a screen or tap of a mouse. After all, the internet is now—more than ever—the place where political news unfolds. From voter registration, issue education, to holding our policymakers accountable, citizens now look to their screens to inform their votes.

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