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Modernization Petition

Date: 07.06.2015
USTelecom is pleased to submit its reply comments in the above-referenced proceedings. Eleven parties filed comments in response to the Commission’s Public Notice on the 2016 Proposed Eligible Services List (ESL) for the E-rate program, and USTelecom respectfully submits this reply, addressing key issues from those comments.
USTelecom actively advocates for policy reforms that will promote innovation, investment and consumer choice in high-speed broadband. Status USTelecom filed a petition in October 2014 identifying specific actions the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could take through regulatory forbearance to eliminate barriers to broadband...
USTelecom places great importance on staying abreast of important telecom industry issues so that we may keep our members informed and successfully focus on key business topics to promote the industry’s best interests. We advocate before the Federal Communications Commission and Congress on many critical industry issues and have been...