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Open Internet rules

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Date: 10.22.2018
Our nation’s digital economy is the envy of the world, primarily because broadband internet service providers (ISPs) have invested more than $1.6 trillion to deploy fast, high-capacity networks that consumers and businesses alike demand. This week, our organization joined forces with others to file another lawsuit – this time...
Date: 03.07.2018
Attached is the Statement of Jonathan Banks, Sr. Vice President, Law and Policy, USTelecom - The Broadband Association Before the Maryland House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee on House Bill 1654 and House Bill 1655 on Wednesday, March 7, 2018      
Date: 12.14.2017
When it comes to net neutrality there is a lot of misinformation and confusion. Let’s set the record straight. MYTH: This debate is between those who favor net neutrality and those who oppose it.  All sides in this debate strongly support an open internet with policies that protect consumers. The argument revolves around the...
Date: 12.14.2017
Background: The Federal Communications Commission today adopted the “Restoring Internet Freedom” order, which reversed the agency’s previous decision to regulate broadband internet access service under Title II of the Communications Act. The following statement is attributed to USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter: “Today...
Date: 12.04.2017
This op-ed by Blackfoot Communications CEO Jason Williams was originally published in the Washington Examiner on Dec. 2, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. As I’ve read some of the news coming out of Washington over the last few days about how the Federal Communications Commission is planning to do something new on net neutrality, it feels like we...
Date: 11.30.2017
An op-ed by USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter. This was originally published in The Daily Caller.  It’s understandable that consumers are confused and concerned by the net neutrality news out of Washington over the past few weeks. Skim the headlines and we are told that the Federal Communications Commission plans to “scuttle,...
Date: 11.28.2017
This statement can be attributed to USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter:  “Efforts to intimidate Chairman Pai and his young family through racist language and other acts are reprehensible and have no place in our civil society. We join others in condemning these actions.”