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CostQuest Associates - Business Analytic Services

USTelecom has struck a new partnership with CostQuest Associates which can assist companies in improving their bottom line. CostQuest provides a leading suite of analytical services for communications companies that include: Property Tax Services and Valuations Mapping, and GIS Support (including FCC Form 477 support), Network Cost Modeling, Universal Service, and Data and Analytics for regulatory, pricing, and business analysis efforts.

About CostQuest

CostQuest is a global leader in designing, developing and implementing economic models for the telecommunications industry. CostQuest has spent over 15 years building an experienced staff, and developing resources and practices that support some of the largest networking and communications firms in the United States. Through its information systems and services, CostQuest delivers comprehensive solutions to a myriad of complicated business challenges. The company’s expertise is cost management solutions that improve business and meet regulatory requirements.

If you are interested in exploring how these services may benefit your company, please contact Mike Wilson at CostQuest Associates or Kevin Rupy at USTelecom for more information. Mike Wilson can be reached via e-mail or by telephone at (425) 772-2261. Kevin Rupy can be reached via e-mail or by telephone at (202) 326-7276.