Threat Convergence: Evolving Supply Chain Challenges

This webinar was presented on August 16, 2018 and is available on-demand.

Identifying and addressing threats to information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains is reaching a crescendo. The cybersecurity landscape has shifted most notably with the “threat convergence” of state and non-state actors – thieves, terrorists and spies sharing common purposes and tools. Coupled with the volatility, complexity and ambiguity in global supply chains, today’s businesses are weighing risk versus cost-efficiency. In an effort to stay ahead of the threats and conditions, business are moving toward automation, employing machine learning, and leveraging information sharing – even among competitors.

Join USTelecom and PwC LLP for a discussion of the cybersecurity threat convergence and best practices for preventing and combating corrupt telecommunication supply chains.

Harrison Smith, Director, Digital Risk Solutions, PwC LLP
Norm Litterini, Senior Advisor, Digital Risk Solutions, PwC LLP