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USTelecom Partners

Through agreements with education providers, USTelecom offers courses designed to advance the careers of broadband professionals through better understanding of technology and business practices. Our partners' instructors are subject matter experts with vast experience in their field. USTelecom offers discounts on the enrollment fees for most of these courses when signing up through our website and using the promo code UST10.

USTelecom has also entered into partnerships with service providers such as CostQuest Associates. These value-add services to USTelecom members provide comprehensive solutions to a myriad of complicated business challenges, while also improving a company’s bottom-line.

USTelecom continues to look for strategic education partnerships with qualified organizations. To learn more about how to become an educational partner, please contact us.

CostQuest Associates – Analytical Services
USTelecom is pleased to announce a new partnership with CostQuest Associates. CostQuest is a global leader in designing, developing and implementing economic models for the telecommunications industry. CostQuest has spent over 15 years building an experienced staff, and developing resources and practices that support some of the largest networking and communications firms in the United States. Through its information systems and services, CostQuest delivers comprehensive solutions to a myriad of complicated business challenges.

The SIP School
The SIP School™ is the web’s leading SIP training and certification service and its SSCA® certification program is the only ‘globally recognized’ certification in industry today. SIP, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol has become the most important protocol in voice and unified communications today as it is built into handsets, PBX systems, cloud services, mobile networks etc. and is also displacing traditional digital and analog lines with SIP trunks. Its importance to the telecommunications industry cannot be understated and educated people are crucial to its development.