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SIP and VVoIP Training

This is a unique opportunity to invest in critical training of your technical, operations and sales personnel, and keep them abreast of the latest in voice communications and protocols.

SIP Courses and Certifications:

  • SSCA® SIP training + on-line access to the SSCA® Certification test (industry endorsed)
  • SSCA® SIP training (no test access) TIA endorsed
  • Networking 4 VVoIP + 'on-line' SSVVP™ certification test
  • SIP & Cloud – Advanced Sales training + SSSP™ test
  • SSCA® Certification test access only (no training material- industry endorsed)
  • SSVVP™ Certification test access only

USTelecom, offers a 10% discount on all SIP training and certifications. Please use the discount code: UST10 when signing up for all SIP Training courses and certifications here.

The SIP School

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