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The Next Broadband Battleground: The Subscriber Experience

As availability of Gigabit services increases across cities and communities nationwide, service providers have realized speed is becoming less of a competitive differentiator. In addition, service providers face hyper-scale cloud competitors who are threatening revenue streams and impacting ROI on their network investments. Service providers need to go beyond marketing speeds and focus more on delivering a simple, intuitive service experience to win and retain subscribers.

In this insightful webinar, Jeremy Harris, ADTRAN’s Director of Subscriber Solutions and Experience, will highlight the key elements impacting the subscriber experience and outline solutions that enable the network to disappear behind the subscriber experience. In this presentation, Jeremy will cover:

  • What constitutes a great experience
  • Software tools that streamline network operations and content marketing
  • Self-healing technologies to optimize the Wi-Fi experience
  • Using big data, predictive analytics and machine learning for proactive troubleshooting

Presenter: Jeremy Harris, Director of Subscriber Solutions and Experience, ADTRAN

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