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SD-Access: Key to the Open Telco Platform

The telecommunications market is undergoing the most rapid shift in technology in its history as infrastructure migrates to a software-defined, programmable model. The leading telcos need to create a new, flexible access platform to deliver open and agile services. The creation of this software-defined access (SD-Access) platform will define their business success or failure for the next decade. 

This webinar, based on research conducted by Futuriom Principal Analyst Scott Raynovich, will cover the following key highlights:

  • Why service providers see the need to build a flexible access platform that can manage billions of users who want more bandwidth and services on demand. 
  • Digital Apps and The Bandwidth Boom: How the insatiable demand for digital apps, social media, and video platforms has put more pressure on access networks than ever – and how they will respond. 
  • Platforms vs. Pipelines: The Need for an SD-Access Platform: “Platform” businesses have displaced “Pipeline” businesses with their inherently scalable nature. The service provider industry needs to emulate this model by building access as a platform. 
  • SD-Access Requirements for the New Access Platform: Emerging cloud architectures and standards will form the foundation of flexible, programmable, and open access networks that will help deliver SD-Access to the service provider community.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) for the Future Access Platform. 
  • Creating Value in an Open Ecosystem: Open platforms have a track record of creating more value for users by giving them a wider range of choice and control over applications. This model should be applied to the telecom market.
  • Top reasons why service providers need to build an SD-Access platform model for deploying new services. 

Speaker: Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst, Futuriom

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