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Broadband Infrastructure

USTelecom provides education and information about our nation’s increasingly complex broadband infrastructure.


The demand for broadband and its benefits continues to rise in sync with statistics showing similar growth in availability, connections, and customer satisfaction. Thanks to continued capital investment, our national broadband infrastructure has been able to keep pace with the demand.

The nation’s broadband infrastructure is increasingly complex, and key issues range from the nuts and bolts of physical pole attachments to considerations of how to provide service during an incident of national security, to the impact of national stimulus funds. Smart Grid’s tremendous potential to transform our energy capabilities presents an additional challenge.

The nation’s wired broadband infrastructure is also a critical component of our wireless freedom.  Many don’t realize that virtually every wireless device ultimately travels over the nation’s wired infrastructure.  So when the president makes a commitment to expanding wireless broadband, maintaining and investing in our nation’s wired networks is more critical than ever.

USTelecom seeks to provide clarity and education as our members and consumers address all of these issues. The opportunity for innovation is exciting and we anticipate significant additional benefits for the broadband community.