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Benefits of Broadband

The benefits of broadband are nearly limitless and enhance numerous aspects of our daily lives.


Benefits of BroadbandFrom health to education and the environment, broadband provides consumers with deep and far-reaching opportunities, enhancing overall quality of life in many respects.

Health Care

Broadband-enabled health care is considered by many to be the next great frontier of American medicine. High-speed transmission capability in particular has generated efficiencies such as faster patient diagnoses, reduced medical errors, and additional control over skyrocketing patient care costs. These gains benefit Americans at both a financial level (reduced annual out-of-pocket expenses) and a personal level (enhanced access to online health information.)

Online Learning

Click for more on broadband and educationBroadband has fueled American learning opportunities exponentially. Educational materials and course instruction which previously could only be delivered in a classroom environment can now be obtained online. Rural schoolchildren can take Advanced Placement courses from their hometowns. Working parents can pursue a degree after putting the kids to bed – from the comfort of their own homes.

With college costs rising, convenient, affordable access to online learning allows students to pursue educational aspirations which otherwise might be curtailed by geographical or financial limitations. Click for more on broadband and education.


Broadband’s benefits extend to the air we breathe, our energy usage, our shopping habits, and even our travel choices. Concerns over global warming have placed carbon-emissions reductions directly in the headlines, driving broadband-fueled conservation initiatives. Telecommuting programs, Smart Grid technology, real-time energy pricing and innovations in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector all hold promise in their ability to protect our environment. Broadband plays a critical role in the success of these programs.