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Broadband Adoption

One in three Americans chooses not to adopt broadband even as it becomes increasingly available. USTelecom seeks to change that – through raised awareness, education, and advocacy.


According to data from the National Broadband Map, three-in-four Americans now use broadband at home, while over 98 percent have access to wireless broadband at a speed of at least 6 megabits per second. This can be attributed to investment in broadband infrastructure, increasing availability and high rates of customer satisfaction. A recent Federal Communications Commission study found that 91 percent of consumers are satisfied or very satisfied with their broadband service.


Industry statistics reveal that broadband is a tremendous resource available to nearly every American. Innovative partnerships between providers are seeking to connect the rest of the country. Unfortunately, despite its inherent benefits, one in three Americans chooses not to adopt broadband.

USTelecom Position

USTelecom is working to promote the benefits of broadband and to reduce barriers to adoption. Broadband is a modern resource that can enhance every American’s quality of life and it is widely available. The industry is working to identify those Americans who do not make the choice to adopt broadband, uncover their hesitations, and make a more compelling case for adoption.

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