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USTelecom supports protecting consumers on the Internet through a common set of standards governing privacy that applies to all Internet companies.


Consumers need increasing levels of privacy protection as identity theft, credit card fraud and other cybercrimes become more prevalent. Even in areas of legitimate e-commerce and electronic communications, many consumers want to ensure that personally identifiable information about them is not made available to others without notice and consent.

What We Think

The telecom industry has an excellent and longstanding reputation for protecting consumer data and continues to adhere to high standards of care. At the same time, the legal playing field has created an imbalance for consumers. The level of agency oversight and enforcement varies according to which industry is collecting that customer data, rather than according to what information is being collected or how it is being used.

To remedy this problem, USTelecom supports a set of principles for a consistent privacy framework for all entities in the Internet ecosystem. The principles center on transparency, respect for context and consumer choice, data security, and data breach notification.

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