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USTelecom is a strong advocate of ensuring consumer choice and a competitive video marketplace.


Broadband delivers significant benefits to consumers including more options for viewing high quality content than ever before. No longer are viewers tied to a single screen when it comes to watching sports, movies, network television programs and other video programming. We are now in an apps-based environment that permits mobility and flexibility for watching television, and the number of apps available on popular streaming devices continues to grow.

Many consumers are now accessing video delivered by their pay-TV provider as well as offerings from over-the-top providers such as Amazon and Hulu using the same Internet connected device. Traditional set-top boxes and IP-based devices are converging at a rapid pace.

What We Think.

Public policy must permit the marketplace to continue to evolve in order to satisfy the viewing habits of consumers. Tech mandates from federal regulators that undermine the ability of broadband and pay-TV providers to deliver the much sought after content that consumers seek must be rejected.

We are dedicated advocates on the retransmission consent issue, which allows our members to carry local networks at a reasonable rate. USTelecom also follows the FCC’s video competition reports closely to ensure our members are kept up to date on any issues or perceived problems on this topic. Our partnership with the American Television Alliance and the Future of TV Coalition strengthens our advocacy efforts on our members’ behalf.

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