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Open Internet En Banc Petition


Background: Today USTelecom requested the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia conduct an en banc review of legal challenges to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) extension of public utility regulation to the Internet.  

The following statement is from USTelecom President Walter McCormick:

“USTelecom led the legal challenge to the FCC’s Open Internet order because the agency used a flawed and anti-consumer approach to implement net neutrality standards -- standards that our members have embraced and incorporated into their network operations. Regrettably, two judges on the appeals court failed to recognize the significant legal failings of the FCC’s decision to regulate the internet as a public utility. USTelecom has asked for an en banc review to help ensure that the FCC does not give itself authority -- which Congress has not granted -- to impose heavy-handed regulation on internet access. Reclassifying broadband access as a public utility service reverses decades of established legal precedent which has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Our industry strongly supports net neutrality principles and will continue efforts to promote policies that will help America remain a broadband leader."

Read the Joint Petition.