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Title II Not Meant for Information Age


Background: Today, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler outlined his plan to reclassify broadband Internet services under Title II of the Communications Act, treating them like utilities instead of information services.

The following statement is from USTelecom President Walter McCormick:

“We believe that Title II reclassification is unnecessary and unwise. It is unnecessary in that the industry is operating in complete conformance with the open Internet standards advanced by the president and the chairman; we agree with the standards; we support their adoption in regulation by the FCC under Section 706; and we support their enactment into law by the Congress. It is unwise in that Title II is economic regulation for a bygone era. It was not meant for the information age, and it was not designed for the Internet. It will lead to increased costs on consumers, chill investment, slow innovation and delay deployment. In the days ahead, we hope that the commission will consider the opportunity that remains present to forge a compromise on this issue, given the broad consensus on the objectives and the advantages associated with adoption of a modified approach that could garner broad, bipartisan support.”       



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