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USTelecom Actively Participating in Robocall Strike Force


Background: Today, the Robocall Strike Force held a meeting at the Federal Communications Commission to explore next steps industry and standards bodies will be taking to combat illegal robocalls. 

The following statement can be attributed to USTelecom President Walter McCormick:

“USTelecom is pleased to take an active role in the Robocall Strike Force, dedicated to devising ways to reduce the flood of illegal calls that have long frustrated consumers. We applaud the FCC’s new consumer education website that provides an important clearinghouse of consumer solutions that can assist with call-blocking technologies. The Strike Force’s endorsement of the efforts of USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group acknowledges the importance of identifying the root source of illegal calls. As requested by the Strike Force, USTelecom will continue to expand this industry-wide effort, and we look forward to keeping the commission informed of this work. By working together, voice providers, equipment makers and software developers can develop new technologies and standards to better detect and block robocalls.”