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Broadband Providers Support Real Net Neutrality

“Net Neutrality” is the principle that people’s connections to the internet are not blocked, throttled, or unfairly prioritized, coupled with transparency as to how the connections are made—not simply applying 1934’s Title II common carrier provisions to the internet we know and love today. USTelecom’s member companies support and adhere to net neutrality principles, and we believe modern net neutrality rules are vital for a pro-consumer, pro-innovation, and pro-investment broadband ecosystem.

USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter on the Open Internet

Now is not the time to move backwards

Unfortunately, the Save the Internet Act takes our open and thriving internet backward — not forward — and would have negative implications for America’s competitiveness in the global digital economy.

Recently this ideological divide has broken down along party lines. It wasn’t always like this and it’s too bad because we know the internet is many things, but a red or a blue issue it is not.

Nevertheless, we remain determined to work with all members of Congress to maintain our dynamic and open internet, to resolve this divisive issue, and help sustain our nation’s digital leadership for the next 20 years and beyond.
Jonathan Spalter 2

A straightforward, enforceable, modern regulatory environment can ensure an open internet. Jonathan Spalter

It’s time to move forward

A straightforward, enforceable, modern regulatory environment can ensure an open internet, while leveling the playing field so all online competitors have a fair shot and equal treatment. Modern, 21st century legislation is the only path to providing certainty by:

  • Ending the decade and a half long regulatory back and forth that has, at times, chilled investment
  • Ensuring everyone enjoys permanent open internet protections across the internet ecosystem
  • Allowing broadband companies to unleash the power and promise of innovation in order to connect more Americans through faster and more resilient communications networks

Net Neutrality: Not The Time To Go Backwards

With passage today of the Save the Internet Act, the net neutrality story morphs from a…