The USTelecom Industry Traceback Group (ITG)

What is Traceback?

Traceback is a cooperative effort by telecommunications providers to address the illegal robocall scourge. Robocalls are hard to stop because we rarely know exactly where they come from. When a call arrives at its destination, the Caller-ID is often “spoofed” (meaning made up by the robocaller); frequently it is a phone number that belongs to some other innocent party.

The traceback process is managed by USTelecom. USTelecom traces back calls using a secure, web-based automatic process. Only information about specific calls already identified as illegal is collected; there is no general or speculative mining of call records. Tracing back a call exposes phone numbers and hand-off details only to those providers directly involved in that call. With the automatic process, calls can be traced in a matter of days or just hours.