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In addition to the Board of Directors and Leadership Committee, USTelecom committees work to guide the association's strategic advocacy. These committees provide an opportunity for USTelecom members to use their specialized expertise to evaluate proposed legislation and regulations that may have a significant impact on the operations of member companies.

Current USTelecom committees and their areas of focus are:

Regulatory Affairs – policy development and advocacy before the Federal Communications Commission and other agencies

Governmental Affairs – our association’s work on Capitol Hill

External Affairs – media advocacy, public relations and strategic communications

Tax Policy – tax and financial policy matters

Engineering & Technology Policy – a variety of technology issues and standards including numbering, IP services, open source software, network neutrality, DPI and emerging technologies

Intellectual Property and Privacy – issues surrounding the ownership and distribution of content and protection of consumer information

National Security and Public Safety – cybersecurity, national security/ emergency preparedness communications

Other committees and working groups are regularly formed on an ad hoc basis to address major subjects, such as the Communications, Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC), universal service, intercarrier compensation, video competition, robocalls and much more.

If your company subject matter experts would like to participate on one or more of these committees, please contact us.