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Leadership Committee

USTelecom’s Leadership Committee is comprised of executives from small-to-mid-sized companies within our member base. Through outreach to other telecom executives across the country, the Leadership Committee seeks to inspire participation in a dynamic, technology-driven communications industry.

The Leadership Committee provides members with educational and networking opportunities, assists in identifying new policy and business challenges and holds an annual retreat which offers a forum for discussion on relevant issues. The Committee also serves as a source of assistance for rural telecom executives, providing education and business strategy for other small broadband companies.

Lastly, the committee is responsible for nominating up to 6 representatives to serve on USTelecom’s Board of Directors.

Current USTelecom Leadership Committee Members include:

List of Members

Trent Boaldin
President & CEO
Eric Cramer
President & CEO
Jeff England
VP and Chief Financial Officer
Christopher E. French
President & CEO
Gary C. Gilmer
Arne L. 'Skip' Haynes
Robert A. Hunt
Vice President
Greg Jarman
Chief Operating Officer
Larry Jones
Vice President
Jack W. Keen
CEO and Chairman
Darby McCarty
President & CEO
Russell "Rusty" Moore
Chairman of the Leadership Committee
General Manager
Dan Overland
Senior Vice President
Marty Rubin
CEO and President
Richard Ruhl
General Manager
Bob Udell
Vice Chair of the Board
President & CEO
Anand Vadapalli
Chair of the Board
President & CEO
Jason Williams
Vice Chair of the Leadership Committee